OBH Nordica FW2018S0



3-in-1 air fryer/grill/steamer, XL capacity of 6.5 liters – perfect for 8 portions, touch screen, 7 preset programs, practical grill accessories included, blackThe ultimate air fryer with large capacity and many functions, which gives the best results. This airfryer will make your everyday life easier and make you a hero in the kitchen. You can cook better and healthier food in less time. It has a 3-in-1 function and roasts, grills and steams using hot air, so that the nutrients and taste of the ingredients are preserved. With modern technology, it heats the air, which is circulated at high speed with a powerful fan. When the hot air is circulated quickly, a powerful cooking effect is created, which gives the food a deep-fried taste without the need to use oil. The result is perfect food with a crispy surface that is tender and juicy inside. It is a healthy cooking process where the ingredients retain their nutrients. Vegetables and halloumi can be advantageously prepared in this way. To make it easier, there are 7 preset programs for cooking crispy fries, nuggets, chicken, pizza, meat, fish and dessert. The clear and user-friendly digital control panel with touchscreen makes it easy to switch between the different cooking methods. The steamer is excellent for rice, vegetables, cereals, fish and poultry. With the steam function, you preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients. Its easy to handle with the removable 1.1 liter water tank and the panel displays a warning when its time to fill up or when the tank should be washed. Up to 85 minutes of effect time. The third cooking method the machine masters is the grill function. With an aluminum grill grate, you get the characteristic grill stripes on the food, and practical accessories are included. This airfryer has an XXL capacity of 6.5 liters and is suitable for a larger family. Up to 8 portions can be prepared. The air fryer has many extra functions, all to make things easier in the kitchen. Among other things, a 60-minute timer and an alarm that gives a warning when the food is ready or needs to be shaken. All removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. No preparation or preheating necessary, which is why the air fryer can be used straight away.

OBH Nordica

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